Brand significance

1: Brand name: VO TU

Vo Tu has the meaning: Vo Tu – not thinking about anything

Let it fill naturally

Let love bloom on its own

Non-Tu is an operation of the mind during Meditation: not maintaining or pursuing any state of mind, any mental attitude towards the perceived object. Similar to real life, Vo Tu is a lifestyle that does not place prejudices or opinions on the object of contact. Vo Tu Tra is the most comfortable, free, and natural style of drinking tea, depending on the user, depending on how to brew, depending on how to drink, depending on how you feel, not required or fixed according to any formula. In that Wu Tu, tea drinkers will listen in the most honest way to find the type of tea, the way to brew it, and the way to drink it that suits them personally. If you can feel yourself, you will feel others – if you can love yourself, you will love all living things.

2. Slogan meaning: Silvering drops of emptiness

This slogan has the meaning:

  • Vo Tu Tra will provide the most quintessential tea products of the regions after research
  • Experiencing Vo Tu tea drinking style is a meditation style, here, you will find a settling point, feel the essence of tea as well as your own mind

3. Logo Meaning:

The logo is a closed blue circle from the circle to the presence of tea leaves. Here, Vo Tu wants to convey:

– The circle consists of 3 pieces, representing Heaven – Earth – Humanity being unified and harmonious. From Heaven – Earth, the tea buds (Human) sprout, so the color is richer and clearer.

– According to the ancient Egyptians and Romans, Blue symbolizes Wisdom and wisdom. In addition, blue is the energy color of the heart chakra area, which is Selfless Love. It also represents sustainable development, of nature, of nature.

– The top part of the logo is a green leaf bud, in the three pieces it represents the Human element, also to say that a person living with intelligence, according to nature, is boundless.